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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  November 9, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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a beautiful november week shows no signs of changing right now. i am bob ryan. the missile mystery. no one is saying what happened. >> it could be a test firing of an intercontinental ballistic missile. a teacher, a friend, and a mentor, taken too soon. new at 11:00, a local campus comes together to remember a professor. and the $1.90 million bill. her side.n
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and we begin with the emotional service for an american university professor who made a difference in hundreds of lives. tonight, students, colleagues, and friends came together for a memorial. john gonzalez is live with more. john? >> well, leon, this mysterious murder has torn through the fabric of this american university community. not only have they lost a well- known professor but also a graduate herself. today, they said goodbye. professor sue marcum was killed, and they came together to honor the mentor and friend. >> she was the professor who inspired people. to pursue a career in accounting.
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>> hundreds filed into the university irina, -- arena, and they came to celebrate the life of an extremely gifted teacher. >> even just the subject accounting alone. i can still recall things today in my job that she taught me. >> she began teaching at a school of business in 1999. during that time, she changed many lives. >> unbelievable. it is really sad. how does it happen to a really good person? >> montgomery county police called the attack at home a burglary gone wrong. there are still so many questions. >> so many people take on responsibilities because they want the glory. she did not care about that.
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>> police already arrested a d.c. teenager connected to this case, but he has only been charged with being a fugitive and crashing her stolen vehicle. like an american university, john gonzalez, abc7 news. -- live at american university. there is a video, showing what appears to be a missile in the air. jay korff is live outside pentagon with the latest on why the military is saying very little about the investigation. >> pentagon officials insisted that whatever it was posed no national security threat, but, frankly, they do not know what it was, so what was captured by a camera on a helicopter? the mystery object soaring off the coast of southern california. in its wake, a vapor trail, a
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troubling image. >> i thought it may have been a test of some kind. >> but nobody has claimed responsibility, including the navy and others. they cannot explain this phantom street across the sky -- streak across the sky. if it was a missile, they say it could have been launched some 35 miles away from the shore. it could be an object being tested by a private space exploration firm. for obvious safety reasons, the faa must be informed of launches, such as missile launches. no requests were submitted in this case. a pentagon official said, "we are going down the rabbit hole to look get every possibility,
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from amateur rocket, although that would have been a big one, to optical illusions." and, tonight, pentagon officials are calling for calm. in arlington, jay korff, abc7 news. >> thank you, jay. bob ryan has more on this from the perspective of a meteorologist. >> here is the image, and sometimes, is interesting that what we see and what we think we see is not exactly what is happening -- and sometimes, it is interesting. here is another example of a conrail, and sometimes because of the orientation of the aircraft and because of the sunset and the elimination of the vapor trail, that is the
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contrail, if it weren't intercontinental plane coming all of the way from southeast asia to london -- if it were an intercontinental plane. because the plane is flying directly overhead, that is the reason sometimes we see these contrails. they are not contrails or missile launches. if you want to learn more, go to, and i will tell you why i think this was a contrail, and you can also good to, and i explained all of that -- and you can also go to, and i explain all of that. the commission investigating the oil spill made some bold
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comments tonight. william reilly said bp was in a rush to complete the oil well and that operators operated on the fly. lyres investigated said they saw no evidence that anybody made a conscious decision to affect things -- lawyers who investigated. the president of talked about living in indonesia for four years during his childhood. they lived in jakarta after his mother married an indonesian. indonesia is an overwhelmingly muslim nation. new adam everett o'clock, -- new at 11:00, those representing the fort hood gunmen make an announcement. -- gunman make an announcement.
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he is accused of killing 13 people and wounding others. he was in this area before he moved on to texas. new at 11:00, we are learning about some newly discovered transportation funds. -- governor says $1.10 billion -- the virginia governor says $1.10 billion will be given to the commonwealth board. $200 million will go to another area, and more will go to active projects. 7 is on your side with a raging battle that is pending in elderly homeowner over the phone company. -- is pitting an elderly homeowner against the phone
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company. >> she will turn 70 in a few months and is spending her golden years locked in a fight with a corporate giant. this verizon telephone pole is leaning on her roof. it is crushing the corner of her house, damaging the gutter and the tiles. the damage estimate so far is nearly $5,000. >> these should not be so close to hamas. >> as she waits for heart surgery, she worries this is all taking a toll. >> i do not have a pension. i do not have an ira or a 401-k, and this is my money in the bank, and they are robbing me. >> this has turned into a two- year battle. >> this was not ok because it
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would impede access for anyone with a disability. >> over $900 million. >> that is quite a telephone bill. the nearly $2 million is the estimated cost of burying the phone line. verizon tells a different story. the estimate was not for the resident, and she knows that. >> that is a total misrepresentation. >> she has her supporters, including one council member. >> probably what makes the most sense is for verizon to pay for it and pass it on to all of their ratepayers. >> she is not the only one. there is another up the street. the next battle in this pressing
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problem will be waged before the public service commission, but that will take time. we have all of the documents online. take a look for yourself. kris van cleave, abc7 news. >> wow. coming up on abc7 news at 11:00, an attack on the job. and a major city making a trail blazing decision tonight. d.c. finds itself at the top of a list nobody wants to be on. i am
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captioned by the national captioning institute well, new at 11:00, looks may not be everything, but, apparently, it is said that our region does not have enough beautiful people. >> imagine that. on the list of attractive people, washington, d.c., came in sixth. stephen tschida is live with
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more on whether local residents think this is accurate. >> well, you can call it the ugly truth, but some people in d.c. may not be as pretty as they think they are. the folks walking on the streets of the nation's capital do not exactly feel like they're on a catwalk. >> women, the way they dress. conservative. >> conservative? or boring? it was the "travel and leisure" reader survey. d.c. came in sixth when it came to unattractive residents. so how do local women rank the men they see? hot? >> no. they are not attractive for the most part. >> what about the guys? the women? >> the girls in l.a. put up a
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good battle. >> wait a minute. what about her? pretty and stylish, right? she is from minneapolis. >> i have not found a lot of good-looking guys here. >> this guide to the fis -- typifies the k street look. does he think it is hot? >> not all. d.c. is a think tank and government employees, people who are not here for their appearance or aesthetics. >> ok, in d.c., it is more about brains than the beauty. if you want it pretty, try it charleston, south carolina, or the fairest of them all, san diego. >> thank you, stephen. there was an angry mob
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outside a memorial service. a television news photographer was punched in the face. a different station interviewed a family member without permission. new at 11:00, a stranded cruise ship has been reached. it is no 80 miles off of the mexican coast. a fire knocked out power to the vessel. they are bringing in food and water for the passengers. the ship is expected back in court wednesday night. -- in port wednesday night. a crackdown on king's meals -- kids meals.
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640 milligrams of cells, 600 calories, and a certain percentage of fat -- 640 milligrams of salt. each meal with a toy. weather are weof expecting tomorrow? >> that is what we were thinking. >> tonight, a beautiful, beautiful moon. a crescent. did you see that? tomorrow, you can watch it again because skies will be clear. a little bit chilly, 52 degrees, close your average high, which is 63. -- close to the average high.
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there is nothing, nor will there be for the next couple of days. temperatures for the high today, a little bit above average, in the 60's. you have got to rake the leaves, right? tomorrow, in frederick, you will wake up to temperatures in the 30's. the temperatures really take a tumble. in the middle part of the country, mild air. that leftover storminess, high pressure, and that will be the story for the next couple of days. here is the futurecast model. there may be a few high clouds. a big area of high pressure.
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then, as it moves off, mild to warmer air -- warm air. tomorrow, once again, temperatures in the low 60's. we are still losing about 1.5 minutes of sunlight every day. other than that, it is delightful. of a little chilly, sweater weather early in the morning. -- a little chilly. temperatures will rise in the 60's. sunshine. veterans day, once again, temperatures around 60 degrees. andhttime, in the low 40's, the next chance for something is the weekend. it looks great with a lot of sunshine. maybe you will see a contrail up
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and awards dinner downtown drew some big names. -- an awards dinner. 176 countries represented.
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they were honoring several. a great time. >> it was great to see you out there with those famous people, and you were the most famous of all. "travel and leisure" is all over it. they have you at the top. wait until you hear about donovan mcnabb. it was great theater tonight at madison square garden. [ man ] are you aware that verizon fios brings fiber optics to your home
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anytime the caps and rangers get together, it is a backyard brawl. tonight was no different. this is mike green, mixing it up early. the rangers scored two in the first, the caps two in the second. this gives washington its first lead of the game. for-3, washington. the caps win another game in a row -- 4-3, washington. some are fired up about donovan mcnabb.
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a six-time pro bowler. a lot of meaning for a lot of different reasons. >> the thing about it is, the circumstance with us winning, are standing, -- our standing, you look forward to getting out. >> yesterday, clinton portis went through his full practice after injuring his grind. -- groin. >> i was back on the field. for myself, just to get healthy. we do not want this to reoccur, and then i am not available for the rest of the year.
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>> an 1971 contest. he is 13 years old here. but look at the size differential. the wizards are back on schedule after the ball was kicked around at practice. the wizards are just 1-4. >> it takes maybe a little bit away from his game. rebound, rebound. the other, bigger things will fall right into place for you. >> tomorrow night, the comcast center. a huge gain in the atlantic
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a wonderful day tomorrow. a lot of sunshine. "nightline" is next. [ male announcer ] washington, d.c.
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